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This site is a marine navigation calculator. It provides automated solutions to some common navigation problems that mariners deal with when cruising and in pre-cruise planning. Solving these problems normally requires the use of a calculator, maneuvering board, parallel rules, drafting compass, sharp pencil and a big eraser. Although it's not intended to replace these tools, it can be used to supplement and verify traditional methods especially in cruise planning and practice or study environment.
NOT FOR NAVIGATION. This is strictly a practice and study aid.
This is a trial version for USA only.
This site is not supported or approved by any government agency.
A coastal navigation class may be necessary to understand and use some of this information properly. Don't put your boat and lives at risk using this program blindly. This program will not keep you from getting lost, running out of fuel or bumping into something. The units are USA nautical.

Last.update:November 2 2011